The holiday season is full of gastronomic temptations which test in a cruel way our sense of self control.
But where temptations are present there is also an opportunity to show who we really are. That we are not ready to succumb to the orders of our stomach.

During  these days take place big dramas that have to do with our figures.Dramas leaving behind them visible consequences for many months.

But isn't it a great pity to compromise our long and hard efforts for some passing and elusive satisfaction?

The most important thing-by far- is not to associate the holiday season only with the pleasures of eating.This is a small part of the equation.

Holiday season is love,fellow-feeling,companionship,review,opportunity etc.
How much can mindless eating add to all these true values?

So what can we do during these festive days?

- we can relax more and train more.We can do it every day,alternating between tough and easy days.Thus it it is easier to respect our hard efforts and not undermine them.

-  use our tight  jeans as a reference point every day

- Fast forward our lives 15 days and imagine how weak and frustrated we will feel if we sabotage our efforts by surrendering to our stomach.Sense how big will be the cost for some brief and furtive pleasures.
Conversely we can try to experience the feelings of satisfaction that our vibrant health and  well trained and defined body can offer us.

-take it as a challenge: other people will succumb but not us!

-prepare a strategy for the long family gatrerings:

*train in the morning
*wear tight enough clothes
*eat a light,nourishing meal 2-3 hours in advance
*eat only everything that is worth while,special things that we cannot eat every day.Avoid at all costs bread,rice,potatoes and pasta.Choose  meat and salads instead.
*drink sparingly and only some divine wine.Stay alert and try to be the soul of the gathering and a source of inspiration for the others.It's worth trying!


Try to find the real meaning of these days and if you do enjoy it with all your heart!

To your health!

Chris Strogilis




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