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6.3. Sports drinks:

Most sports drinks are nothing more than artificially colored,sugary water.

The only established fact with these products is that they bring crazy profits to their producers!

Ah,another one is that they make your wallet lighter!

Or is it the same thing?

It doesn't stop to amaze me how easily,evidently sane people leave themselves to be deliberately misled!!

Is it a kind of collective paranoia the fact that we deny to discern the obvious, namely that we are overtly suckered?

Or is it our illogical,extravagant desire for quick and easy fixes?

In a future entry we will see simple recipes for nice,homemade sports drinks.

6.4. Breakfast cereals

Despite their pretentious and highly pompous claims many breakfast cereals are nothing else but well concealed cereal killers.

Those marketed more heavily have most often the poorer nutritional value.

The majority of the products :

- are based on refined grains and the quantity of fibers is minimal

- have excessive sugar content

- use fancy artificial colorings

- contain big amounts of salts(sodium)

- contain saturated or/and hydrogenated fats

Be very careful to select breakfast cereals of the proper quality. Leave taste aside and search for nutrition. They should be based on whole grains with minimal salt,sugar and trans fats content. Don't fall victims to the marketing hype!

6.5.Many fat free products:

To compensate for the lack of taste these products are loaded with sugar,high fructose corn syrup-brrrr!- or artificial sweeteners.

6.7. Many sugar free products:

They are packed with saturated fats or trans fats from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

6.8. Commercially distributed fruit juices:

Though generally they won't harm you a lot,they have very little to offer you either. No fibers,very few vitamins and quite a lot of empty calories.

You can instead opt for homemade, freshly squeezed juices. By far the best option is to eat the whole fruit .

This will give you valuable fibers plus a satiety feeling.

In general try to avoid liquid calories.

6.9. Fruit smoothies:

Usually they won't differ a lot from a milk shake,packed with sugars,fats and dead calories.

6.10. Liquid meal replacements:

Use them sparingly and only in case of emergency. One or two meals at the most per week. If you want real results go for real food!

End of 6th part

To your great health!

Chris Strogilis

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