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Muscle development/building needs mainly two things:

- the right supportive nutrition

-an effective strength training program

Nutrition is a domain that many people ignore. Nutritional mistakes halt the progress towards muscle development for many fitness enthusiasts.

What's more, nutrition is by far the most important parameter for novices in muscle building. These people could achieve spectacular results with only minor adjustments at their nutrition strategy and tactics!

Muscle development and nutrition

1. If you need to gain some muscle mass your first concern is to create a slight caloric surplus.

Though,you will have to move very cautiously if you want to minimize the possibilities of fat storage.

Thus,while some fat gain is inevitable in this phase, you could control it by taking the appropriate measures:

- the caloric surplus should be slight.

- the caloric surplus should be gradual : start with a 10% increase over your caloric maintenance level and make it bigger when and if you reach a plateau.

2. Meals frequency is of strategic importance.

Spread your daily caloric intake into 5-6 equivalent meals and try to eat about every 3 hours. Include a premium protein source in every meal otherwise your body might cannibalize its own muscle tissue! Some benefits of frequent eating - among many else - are:

- your metabolism is boosted into high gear.

- you are never hungry and the danger to pig-out is minimal.

- you have a constant flow of nutritional constituents and energy.

- your blood sugar and insulin levels are kept under control.

- there are less possibilities for fat storage.

3. How much protein?

 For an average fitness enthusiast - who is actually the "target group" of my articles - 2gr of premium source protein per kg of body weight will suffice.

If you are a bodybuilder you will definitely need more (but these articles are not addressed to bodybuilders anyway!)

4. Protein sources: just good plain food. Please refer to my article:

"Fitness/exercise:nutrition to boost your results".

I am a strong opponent of any kind of supplementation and a fervent advocate of feeding only on unprocessed,unrefined,natural foods!!

To your great health!

Chris Strogilis

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