For many fitness enthusiasts an ideal body is the philosopher’s stone or even the Holy Grail.

But who can define or delimit perfection?

A perfect body besides its aesthetical value should:

- Have absolute symmetry (asymmetric mass distribution is a common problem).
- Be strong. Usual daily tasks should be accomplished in a comfortable way.
- Have joints with a wide range of motion.
- Should be healthy and with a strong immune system. Should not easily succumb to illnesses.

In your effort to build the perfect body you can use five pillars. You can collectively call them…

"The five pillars of total fitness"

1. Self motivation

Self motivation is an esoteric value permitting someone to:

- Set objectives on a continual basis.
- Assume decisive action.
- Be endlessly and limitlessly inspired.
- Continue undaunted despite the adversities.

Self motivation is the attribute that will give you the courage to go on even if blind corners might deter you.

2. Social support

A core of friends and acquaintances will provide you with the necessary moral and psychological support. These people will be your companions and fellow travellers on the fulfillment road.

3. Strength training

For no reason should you underestimate this part of your physical exercise plan.
Strength training will:

- Help you keep/increase your muscle mass and keep your metabolism in a high gear.
- Increase your strength and bone density.
- Improve your posture and appearance.
- Protect you from injuries,etc.

I strongly recommend circuit weight training for an excellent total body workout.
It’s a very efficient investment for your time!

4. Aerobic exercise

Also an absolute must!

Aerobic exercise:

- Improves the cardiovascular system.
- Improves the ability for oxygen intake and use.
- Strengthens the immune system.
- Offers a feeling of well being etc.
- Properly done, can help burn tons of fat.

Instead of the long and boring to death jogging on the treadmill --recommended only for hamsters -- you can try High Intensity Interval Training and especially hill sprints.

It's an excellent way to gain more in less time and thus a perfect choice if you live a hectic life.

5. Supportive nutrition

This is often the factor that makes the difference. Few people know what to eat and even fewer commit to a sound/clean nutrition as a way of life.

- Stay away from every type of limiting diets!
- Minimize the consumption of processed, packaged ,non-real foods, usually full with salt, sugar and hydrogenated oils.
- Choose instead real, unprocessed, not industrialized foods and especially high quality protein from fatless meats and wild small fish, legumes, fibrous vegetables to your free will,some fruits and monounsaturated and omega-3 fats.

To build the ideal body you will need patience, persistence, commitment, self motivation and the right information.

Stay away from unrealistic,groundless promises, tricks, scams, shortcuts, exotic diets and passive exercise.

Να είστε υγιείς,αισιόδοξοι και πάντα με ένα χαμόγελο!

Χρήστος Στρογγύλης
Φίλος και συνοδοιπόρος σας


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