In this article, we will bust the fat burning zone myth.

What does this myth say?

This myth instructs people to exercise at low intensities.


Because at lower intensities a higher percentage of calories burnt comes from fat.

That’s true!

 But the misconception comes enanates from the confusion between simple maths principles: absolute numbers and sizes from the one, percentages from the other.

Let’s see an example:

1) Let’s say that walking at a moderate pace will burn 300 cal/hour.

If 60% of that calories comes from fat, we have 180 calories burnt from fat.

Now if you run briskly, you burn let’s say about 700 cal/hour.

It’s logical to assume that at this level of intensity the percentage of the calories burnt from fat is around 40% of the total.

So you have burnt by running briskly 700 x 40% = 280cal from fat.

Compare the numbers:

Walking: 180 cal burnt from fat

Running: 280 cal burnt from fat.

You get the picture!

Compare also:

Walking: total caloric expenditure = 300 cal/hour

Running: total caloric expenditure = 700 cal/hour.

It’s more than obvious that training at low intensities will lead to a low caloric expenditure.

This fact is not necessarily bad!

If you are new to the town,

or if you have specific health problems,

or if you are quite old,

or if you are obese,

this is the right training regime for you!!

But if you are fit and strong, you will lose valuable time by training like this. The results will be minimal and the disappointment may conquer you.

You have to challenge yourself by training in both your aerobic and anaerobic zone.

Να είστε υγιείς,αισιόδοξοι και πάντα με ένα χαμόγελο!

Χρήστος Στρογγύλης
Φίλος και συνοδοιπόρος σας


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