When I see titles like this I can understand the confusion that sweeps over a great part of the fitness world.

There is no special muscle definition for men or women,stallions or mature people.

There is no special muscle definition for different body parts.

Muscle definition follows as a natural consequence of the body fat reduction and is uniform all over the body.

There is nothing like local muscle definition.

We all have muscles which are however  hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat. Melt this subcutaneous fat  away and voila!

The thing is that it is really hard to lose this fat.
Our bodies do a perfect job in keeping it as a reserve for a possible famine.
This is  lesson acquired through thousands of  years of evolutionary processes.

The problem is that  the situations are completely different now

Food is not only very easy to find  in the developed countries but it seems to play a serious consolation/emotional role in our lives. 

We eat to feed our emotions more than  we do for our bodies!

What once used to be a salvation mechanism for the mankind has now turned into a Nemesis for all the fitness conscious people.

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  1. pws borw na diwksw to lypos apo ta boutia,to opoio apekthsa otan hmoun xodros kai part'oti adynatisa arketa,to lypos dn efyge apo ta podia...